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Love the delicious taste of beetroot? You’re in luck! Research has suggested that there’s a whole load of benefits to eating beetroot and even guzzling it down in juice form. Not only can this nutritionally-rich food help the average man (or woman!), but it can also help cyclists specifically when it comes to performance. Here’s what you need to know.

Improve oxygen delivery

Believe it or not, beetroot juice can actually be used as a supplement for athletes and, particularly, cyclists. The root is rich in nitrate which could have a whole host of benefits when you’re exercising. You might have heard of people taking supplements to boost their nitrate intake. However, eating beetroot could be a natural way to get your fix.

One of the most surprising results found that beetroot could improve oxygen delivery in the body. Oxygen is the fuel that powers your organs and makes your body work. So, it stands to reason that when you improve the delivery of this stuff, you can quickly boost your performance and get an extra edge!

Lower blood pressure

One of the best ways to increase your nitrate intake is to drink beetroot juice and get an instant fix. The study – which we’ve already mentioned – found that drinking nitrate-rich juice also had the side effect of lowering an athlete’s blood pressure overall.

Of course, it goes without saying that athletes who engage in regular endurance events and challenges should pay close attention to their blood pressure levels. Keeping this rate from soaring during a race can have some real benefits, meaning that cyclists can perform better and for longer stretches of time. Simple.

Give your heart a break

Let’s face it – when you’re in the midst of any event, your heart will take the brunt of the work. It’s important that you do all you can to give your body a little light relief now and then and give your heart a break from the strain. Both of the above side effects of nitrate intake have a strikingly positive impact on your heart.

The idea is that your cardiovascular system doesn’t have to work as hard to give your body what it needs to perform. That nitrate boost means that these systems are more effective, which means that they take less work to complete. Researchers noted that this could mean that cyclists would be able to ride for longer without tiring themselves out.

Juice it up!

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