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The humble banana rarely gets the praise that it deserves. Let’s not beat around the bush here. With rich vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, this type of fruit is an all-singing, all-dancing superfood. So why aren’t you including more of them in your diet? Let’s take a look at some of the incredible benefits that bananas offer.

The natural alternative to sports drinks

Still chugging sports drinks to get the extra edge you need for your ride? It could be time to change your ways. Research from Appalachian State University concluded that eating a banana could give you just as much endurance energy as drinking a typical sports drink.

What’s more, the experts from the university noted that these fruits are easy for athletes to carry around and have the added benefit of offering other nutrients too. They claimed that the ‘extra nutritional boost’ found in bananas as opposed to manufactured drinks meant that they were a superior way to get energy. Nice!

Keep your heart healthy

Spoiler: Making sure that your heart is healthy should be your top priority when you’re an athlete. Of course, exercise plays a huge role in this aspect of your wellness but you should also pay close attention to the food that you eat.

Packing a few more potassium-rich foods like bananas into your diet could be a simple way to boost your cardiovascular health. For instance, one study from the University of Naples Medical School found a link between high potassium intake and lower risks of cardiovascular problems and strokes. Bring on the bananas.

Boost your digestive health

Looking for a quick way to improve your digestive health? Eating more fibre could have an array of digestive benefits that you’ve never considered. Aside from promoting regular bowel movements, dietary fibre can improve your digestion in more general terms too. As though that weren’t enough, research suggests there are links between consuming these compounds and warding off some cancers, obesity and even diabetes.

So where can you get your fibre fix? You may already know that things like cereals are packed with these compounds, but why not look further afield. A simple banana boasts a load of fibre as well as vitamins and minerals too. Win-win!

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