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SHED is on a mission to inspire and nourish the good people of the world. Armed with a master plan to to introduce new flavours and a fresh mindset to the city, we launched our first ever pop-up cafe at Union St. on Monday 26th March. No one could have predicted what a runaway success it would be – we’re pleased to say we sold out in record time.

Workers and students in need of some serious #MondayMotivation kicked off the week than with a healthy dose of plant-power. We served up some deliciously tempting protein-packed combo bowls, plant pots, cold-press juices, and uber healthy smoothies.

Surprising new flavours

While the combo bowls were a serious hit, there’s no denying the fact that the Sweet Chocato pots were the star of the show. Who knew that a sweet potato and chocolate mousse would taste so morishly good and be that healthy? (Well, we did, actually!)

It was exciting to share this unique yet tasty recipe with customers and awaken people to the true versatility of these ingredients. What’s more, judging from the incredible response we got from those who tried the pots for themselves, we’re certain that they’re going to be regular fixtures on the menu.


Super healthy smoothies

Boasting maca root and powdered flaxseed, the smoothies were a power to be reckoned with. Blitzing the seeds increased their bioavailability. If you don’t quite speak science, that means that the nutrients packed inside them were more easily absorbed by the body, making the smoothie even extra healthy. Oh, and it was thirst-quenching and tasty too!

The smoothie recipe will be tweaked on a weekly basis and we hope to try out some more new, exciting flavours each time. Watch this space.

Thirst for knowledge

Luckily, people didn’t just have a thirst for smoothies – they had a real thirst for knowledge too. We spoke to locals about the power of plant-based diets and how adopting this lifestyle can have a great impact on their health and well-being.

It was great to have the chance to share both information and passion with the public. Whether you’re starting your plant-based journey or just interested in health and nutrition, it’s easier than you think. It’s about making small, sustainable changes each day.

Catch us next time!

If you didn’t manage to catch us this Monday, don’t panic! We’ll be back again soon. Our next pop-up is on Monday 9th April. In the meantime, don’t forget to follow us online on our Facebook and Instagram pages for updates and more!

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