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Looking for a natural way to fuel your workout? The plant pushers might have the answer…

Yesterday, the Shed team headed down to TRIB3 Sheffield to share our passion and nutritional knowledge, along with some tasty plant-based food. Luckily, the summer heat wasn’t holding anyone back. Many locals hit the popular fitness centre on Eccleshall Road and got seriously active.

When the workout was over and the last beads of sweat had dropped, attendees were treated to some post-workout snacks. The plant-pushers were on hand offering cold-pressed juices and nutritionally-rich plant pots. Highlights included the ever-popular carrot, orange, and ginger juice as well as the sweet potato and cacao mousse pot.

Our mission was to prove that post-workout food could be natural as well as providing a load of health benefits. That’s why the Shed fitness menu was designed specifically with nutrition and working out in mind. The plant pushers hand-picked ingredients that offer more than just great flavours.

Our thirst-quenching juices are not only offer a source of hydration and a delicious taste, but also a wide range of health perks too. For instance, the beetroot juice is packed with nitrates which improve the oxygen delivery to muscles and sports performance, according to recent research. Nice.

Those looking for a ‘treat’ (although it’s not a treat… it’s actually healthy!) after their workout were in luck. We had 100% natural sweet potato and cacao plant pot mousses. The sweetness in these posts comes from the aptly named sweet potato and, no, there are no added sugars. They were a huge hit – we had a sneaking suspician they would be!

These could be the perfect post-exercise snack. There are loads of benefits of dark chacoloate and cacao. Studies have suggested that this ingredient can lower blood pressure, improve sports performance, and even protect your skin against sun damage. What more could you want?

Aside from offering our drinks and snacks, the plant pushers had a chance to chit-chat with some of the attendees. Sharing knowledge and advice when it comes to plant-based food was a real delight – we were thrilled to see how engaged people were and how many wanted to know more about our journey. A huge thank you to the good folks at TRIB3 for having us. Until next time… watch this space.

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